Monday, June 27, 2016

[Salesforce / Certifications] Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification (a Study Guide?)

The last certification I took the past weekend is the Service Cloud Consultant Certification.

I have to admit it's been the toughest, not because its questions were "heavily hard" but because the exam took part on Salesforce features I was not completely familiar with.

I cannot provide you a complete guide on how to pass this exam but I can tell you the resources I used to pass it.

A prerequisite is the Administrator certification, some hints here from Admin Hero, don't worry there is plenty of stuff on the web...just Google it!

I may say that being and certified Administrator is also necessary to understand basic features of the platform covered in the Service Cloud cert.

The main part of the exam is centered on Cases, Knowledge, the Service Cloud Console and all related features.

There is also an awesome Service Cloud trailhead module:

So happy study and good luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: AppMenuItem

Source: AppMenuItem

This object hosts the applications you find in the app menĂ¹ (upper right corner of the CRM) or in the App Launcher and the Connected Apps.
The list of such items are in Setup > Create > Apps

The object contains all application informations such as Name, Label, start URL, but also all the configurations about Canvas apps.

Here an example:

Select Id, Label, StartUrl, Type, ApplicationId, CanvasEnabled, SortOrder from AppMenuItem

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: ApexTrigger

Source: ApexTrigger

The ApexClass is the most beloved object for Salesforce Developers.

It identifies a specific Apex Class, so you can query for Classes runtime.

Note that, even if the describe states that the ApexTrigger is creatable and updatable, an exception is thrown if you try to insert/update via API a trigger: use the tooling API or metadata API instead.

Among the fields, you can query for the Body of the trigger, whether it is valid or not, size in byte without comments.

Here an example:

Select Id, Name, ApiVersion, Body, IsValid, LengthWithoutComments, TableEnumOrId, UsageAfterDelete, UsageAfterInsert From ApexTrigger ORDER BY Name