Friday, March 20, 2015

[Salesforce / Trailhead] The beginning of your journey

Few days ago the Salesforce team released 4 new Trailhead modules, and I decided finally to have a look at it...with my style.

What is my style?

I may say "all in" or "all or nothing" style.

I decided to do all the modules and see which topics were covered (and how deeply).

With year of development it's been quite easy for me to complete in few hours all the modules, but I haven't earned all the points available (I did some mistakes when answering to questions) and I must admint I also learned something (expecially in modules I don't play a lot in my job).

After 16 modules I have to say this is a really good starting point to start learning the basics of the platform, and sometimes the documentation goes deeper than you could expect, covering important aspects that sometimes you find out only after months of "real world" practice.

The Trailhead modules page lists all the modules in alphabetical order, but you can follow the 3 steps on the Trailhead main page to have a better study order.

Recently some cool modules have been added:

  • Process Automation: you learn the basics of process automation and the new Process Builder and Visual Workflows tools, cool ways to get your complex processes up and running in few clicks!
  • Chatter Basics: this useful module teaches the basics of setting up Chatter on your org to improve social collaboration
  • Lightning Components: this is my favorite modulo above all, I love Lightning Components and can't wait to see them out of the Beta stage. Learn base and advanced aspects of this new powerful framework
  • Visualforce Mobile: learn how to create slick and smooth visualforce pages on the Salesforce1 mobile platform

This is the complete list of available modules:

And (awesomely) these are "can't wait" upcoming modules:
  • Reports & Dashboards: Build real-time reports and charts to visualize key business metrics
  • Apex Integration Services: Integrate with external apps using Apex REST and SOAP services
  • Asynchronous Apex: Write more efficient Apex code with asynchronous processing
  • Visualforce & JavaScript: Use JavaScript to enhance and customize your Visualforce pages
  • App Deployment: Learn best practices for team app development and lifecycle management

Stay tuned for more modules!

I'm gonna definitely suggest all my Company's interns to start learning using Trailhead, a funny and awesome way to learn the Force!

And once for all:

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