Saturday, September 24, 2016

[Salesforce / Chrome Extension] The ORGanizer: the best Salesforce Chrome extension EVER!

TL;DR Download the ORGanizer Salesforce Chrome Extension

Have you ever got lost in your own browser between Salesforce tabs?

Have you ever lost a password?

Have you ever lost a page name / link?

Have you lost your mind using the Developer Console window?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, now it's time to SAY NO!

A new Chrome Extension is out there to help you on your daily ORG management!

Download the ORGanizer Chrome Extension, reported to be
the best Salesforce Chrome Extension EVER!!!

Can't wait?

Go to and discover all its incredible features!

Never get lost in your own browser between Salesforce tabs

Never forget a password

Quickly and easily find all the links you need

Powerful tools inside every tab

Download now the ORGanizer Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore!

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