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[Salesforce / TheMoreYouKnow] Campaign Member Status Configuration

This is a "better write it down for the future me" post.

For the TL;DR pals, this is the Github repository.

It was years I wans't working with Campaigns, so it took me a while to remember a simple thing: you cannot automate
Campaign Member Status configuration with point & click

It seems awkward, mostly because you have a Status picklist field on the Campaign Member.

And when you cannot find the New button on the picklist related list of that field you start feeling depressed.

After a while (you don't really need much time, just google it a bit) you find out there is a wonderful Campaign Member Status object, that holds the details of a specific Campaign's members statuses.

Then you learn (again) that you need to use the Advanced Setup button (in Classic) or the Campaign Member Status related list (in LEX):

When you add a new value the list of values in the Campaign Member Status is automatically updated:

So the next question is:

How to automate this?

Well, unfortunately you can't, you have to manually create the Campaign Member Status values on every Campaign you create.

If your users create campaigns often, believe they won't accept it as a solution!

As a simple solution we can:
  • correlate Campaign Member Status values to Campaign Record Types
  • store Campaign Record Type / Campaign Member Status Value couples inside a Custom Metadata object
  • implement a trigger that executes on campaign create or if its record type changes


Name and Label standard fields will not be used to store actual values for our feature implementation, becausr they can only store 40 chars that is definitely less than 80 required for Record Type Developer name and 765 required for Campaign Member Status value (we'll be using max 255 chars in this implementation).

Campaign Record Types

Custom Metadata values

Apex Code algorithm

The following code, invoked from the Campaign trigger, calculates the new Campaign Member Status objects, removing the old one and creating the new ones.

 * @author Enrico Murru (, @enreeco)
 * @description Creates CampaignMemberStatus records based on custom metadata object configuration
public class CampaignTriggerHandler {
    public static void execute(){
        //new statuses to be created / updated (with default or responded)
        List<CampaignMemberStatus> defaultOrRespondedStatuses = new List<CampaignMemberStatus>();
        //new statuses to be created / updated (without default or responded)
        List<CampaignMemberStatus> otherStatuses = new List<CampaignMemberStatus>();
        //statuses to be deleted
        List<CampaignMemberStatus> deleteStatusesList = new List<CampaignMemberStatus>();
        //selected campaigns
        List<Campaign> cmpList = new List<Campaign>();
        //record types
        List<ID> rTypesList = new List<ID>();
        //select only campaigns that are inserted or that changed their record types
        for(Integer i = 0; i <; i++){
            Campaign nCmp = (Campaign)[i];
                && nCmp.RecordTypeId == ((Campaign)Trigger.old[i]).RecordTypeId) continue;
        if(cmpList.isEmpty()) return;
        //delete standard statuses
        deleteStatusesList = [SELECT Id, Label, CampaignId, IsDefault, HasResponded 
                              From CampaignMemberStatus 
                              Where CampaignId IN :cmpList
                              Order By Label];
        //query record types
        Map<ID, Recordtype> rTypeMap = new Map<ID,RecordType>([Select Id, DeveloperName From RecordType 
                                                              Where SObjectType = 'Campaign'
                                                              and Id IN :rTypesList]);
        for(Campaign cmp : cmpList){
            //we can do as many query as we want with custom metadata
         for(CampaignMemberStatusConfiguration__mdt cmsc : [SELECT Id, RecordTypeDeveloperName__c, 
                                                            StatusValue__c, SortOrder__c,IsDefault__c, Responded__c 
                                                            FROM CampaignMemberStatusConfiguration__mdt
                                                            WHERE RecordTypeDeveloperName__c = :rTypeMap.get(cmp.RecordTypeId).DeveloperName
                                                            ORDER BY StatusValue__c, IsDefault__c DESC, Responded__c DESC]){

    //gets CMS with same label (avoid duplicates on upsert)
    CampaignMemberStatus oldCMS = null;
    for(Integer ci = deleteStatusesList.size()-1; ci >= 0; ci--){
                    CampaignMemberStatus cms = deleteStatusesList[ci];
     if(cms.CampaignId != cmp.Id) continue;
                    if(cms.Label == cmsc.StatusValue__c){
                        oldCMS = cms;
    CampaignMemberStatus newCMS = new CampaignMemberStatus(Label = cmsc.StatusValue__c,
                                                             SortOrder = cmsc.SortOrder__c.intValue(),
                                                             IsDefault = cmsc.IsDefault__c,
                                                             HasResponded = cmsc.Responded__c);
    if(oldCMS != null){
                    newCMS.Id = oldCMS.Id;
                    newCMS.CampaignId = cmp.Id;
                   && !newCMS.HasResponded){
  //this DML sequence guarantees no conflicts
        upsert defaultOrRespondedStatuses;
        delete deleteStatusesList;
        upsert otherStatuses;

Find all the details in this Github repository.

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