Happy Birthday to me!

To party in the best way my birthday, a new ORGanizer release is live!

If you haven't, try out the ORGanizer for Saleforce Chrome Extension, you'll never regret!

All new features has been requested by you all guys, the best ORGanusers of all time!

This is a beta and free extension, I encourage you to help me in my effort!

What's inside?

Login as plugin

The Quick Console shows a the new Login As plugin: it helps you log in as another internal user.

To access it use the CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + 8 shortcut.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Show the User detail page (white button)
  • Login As in a new tab (green button)
  • Login As in incognito mode (red button): only works if extension has incognito mode enabled

SOSL queries

The Quick Query plugin now supports SOSL queries as well.

Each result is handled as a separate record set:

To ease the results view, each section displays the Sobject type.

Sobject fields ID clipper

The Sobject Fields plugin now is related to a new quick action, that you can recall with the CTRL/CMD + ALT + 4 shortcut, which copy the Salesforce Object ID that is present in the url in the following forms:

  • /[SF_ID] (typical Salesforce Classic sobject page)
  • /custom_url?id=[SF_ID] (id passed on the "id" url parameter)
  • #/sObject/[SF_ID] (typical Salesforce Lightning Experiece sobject page)

Change Salesforce API level

You can now select which API version the ORGanizer works with: this allow you to use the latest API level when dealing with sandboxes or preview ORGs.

To access this configuration go to ORGanizer Options page.

Change ORGanizer button position

You can now change the ORGanizer button position on the vertical / horizontal orientation.

For example this configuration:

Leads to:

While this other configuration:

Leads to:

New default ORG icon colors

New default colors has been added to the popup's ORG icon selection color:

Remeber to share the love and to visit the Swag Store to help me keep the ORGanizer free!