Monday, May 9, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: Announcement

Source: Announcement

This object represents a Chatter Group Announcement.

To create a new announcement, go to the Chatter tab, select (or create) a group:

Click on More > Announcement and select the body of the announcement and an expiration date:

A section will compare on the Group's sidebar:

The Announcement object is a detail of the FeedItem object that specifies the Expiration Date of the feed. Given the following query:

select FeedItem.Body, ExpirationDate, Parent.Name from Announcement

To create the object programmatically follow these rules:

//query the Collaboration Grouop
CollaborationGroup group = [Select Id From CollaborationGroup Where Name = 'Awesome Group'];

//creates a feed item; type "AdvancedTextPost" is mandatory
FeedItem item = new FeedItem(Type='AdvancedTextPost', ParentId=group.Id, Body='This is an awesome announcement');
insert item;

//create the announcement
Announcement anc = new announcement(FeedItemId=item.Id,;
insert anc;

//upate the group
update group;

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