Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: ApexTestQueueItem

Source: ApexTestQueueItem

The ApexTestQueueItem object gives you access to the underlying test item for a given test job for a given class.

If you don't know what is a test class refer to this article to get started: a test class is a class used to (guess what?) test a set of apex classes / triggers in order to verify and certify the features of your implementation.

Every ORG must have at least 75% of code coverage (here for more details), that is your test classes should cover at least 75% of the lines you have written in your Apex classes.

To execute a test class (or a set of test classes), go to Your Name > Developer Console, click on Test menĂ¹, select New Run and then select the test classes you want to execute:

On the lower part of the console you can see the test executing:

You can now query all the single job items (the second level of the tree):

select id, ApexClass.Name, ExtendedStatus, ParentJobId, Status, CreatedDate from ApexTestQueueItem order by CreatedDate desc

You can update a ApexTestQueueItem to change its status if you want to abort the job (setting Status to Aborted), or you can insert a new ApexTestQueueItem object: this will create a new Process Job, e.g.:

ApexTestQueueItem item = new apextestqueueitem();
item.ApexClassId = [select id from apexclass where name = 'CommunitiesLandingControllerTest'].Id;
insert item;

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