Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: ApexTestResult

Source: ApexTestResult

After you execute a test class (ApexTestQueueItem), you'll get the test results of a given test method execution.

To query this information use the ApexTestResult object.

The object conveys the following fields:

  • ApexClassId: the test class
  • ApexLogId: the ApexLog object (if log is enabled)
  • AsyncApexJobId: the main aync job (this is the same as ApexTestQueueItem.ParentJobId) to which the given test execution belongs
  • Message: the exception message, only if an exception occurs
  • MethodName: the test method name of the given log
  • Outcome: the result of the test method execution (Fail, Pass, CompileFail)
  • QueueItemId: lookup to the ApexTestQueueItem the result belogs to
  • StackTrace: exception stack trace (if any)
  • TestTimestamp: test execution date/time

To launch a test, see the instructions on the ApexTestQueueItem object page.

Now you can query for the results:

Select Id, ApexClass.Name, MethodName, ApexLogId, Outcome, TestTimestamp, AsyncApexJobId, QueueItemId From ApexTestResult order by TestTimestamp DESC

Given this failing test class:

private class ExceptionTestClass {
    private static testmethod void failMethod(){
     update new Case(Subject = 'Test');

The execution will lead to a test error:

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