Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sobject Crusade: AccountCleanInfo

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Source: AccountCleanInfo

This object is related to features (access to a big DB of accounts and contacts).

To enable this on your Developer Org, click on Setup > Manage Users > Users and search for your user.

Click on Edit button/link and update the User Type field:

Now you can import Account/Contact records from with the following limitations (Setup > Administration > Licenses & Limits):

You can import an Account from by clicking on the All Tabs tab, then, select Find Accounts tab and then search for an Account.

Select a record and then click the Add to Salesforce button to automagically add a new Account record:

And then the Account is stored on your CRM:

Now edit your Account layout and add the Clean Status (Account.CleanStatus) field and the Clean standard button:

Now let's change, e.g., the Account Site:

The Not Compared status means that no comparison has been made.

SELECT id, Account.CleanStatus, IsDifferentPhone from AccountCleanInfo where accountid ='0012400000EMg8T'

The Pending Account state is the low level value for Not Compared.

The comparison can be made in 2 ways:

  • Manually using the Clean button (we'll be using this)
  • Going to Adminsitration > Clean > Jobs

    This will trigger a daily job that will compare your accounts/contacts taken from More details here

The job will put Account.CleanStatus to be Different: you can manually do it by clicking on the Clean button and then pressing the Cancel button:

And this is the SOQL result:

Now you can Flag as wrong on

This way, the record will be put in Reviewed status:

On the other side, if the record's value is not correct, you can check the value:

The Account is revented (for this field) to the original value and the status is In Sync:

And the SOQL states that:

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