Friday, April 22, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade: ActionLinkTemplate

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Source: ActionLinkTemplate

Action Links has been presented when discussing the ActionLinkGroupTemplate object (see this object for a complete guide on configuring and using Action Links): they are a way to execute custom actions on button click on Chatter feed posts.

By templating an Action Link you define a template action which can be "instantiated".

The Action Link is defined by:

  • LinkType: this is the kind of action that you want to expose, and it can be:
    • Api: direct call to an API endpoint (with given method, parameters, headsrs)
    • Api Async: like the previous point but the server response is asyncrhonous: this way the serve have to send a response to /connect/action-links/[actionLinkId] endpoint to set the SuccessfulStatus o FailedStatus of the operation
    • Download: triggers a download of a file
    • Ui: redirects to the given URL
  • ActionUrl: endpoint of the action. This could have bindings values, e.g. "{!Bindings.customValue}&userId={!userId}"
  • Headers: headers request values (only for Api and ApiAsync), binding supported. Every header value should be in the form (one per line) "Header-key: value"
  • Method: HTTP method for the request, with the following supported behavior:
    • HttpDelete: HTTP 204 on success, response body is empty
    • HttpGet: HTTP 200 on success
    • HttpHead: HTTP 200 on success, response body is empty
    • HttpPatch: HTTP 200 on success or HTTP 204 if response body is empty
    • HttpPost: HTTP 201 on success or HTTP 204 if response body is empty
    • HttpPut: HTTP 200 on success or HTTP 204 if response body is empty
    "Ui" and "Download" types support only "HttpGet" value.
  • RequestBody: bpdy of the request (only for Api and ApiAsync), binding supported
  • LabelKey: standard set of labels (None if none apply, then use the Label field)
  • Label: custom label associated to the action (Pending, Success and Failed applied to the action action)
  • Position: position of the action in the defined group (0 is the first)
  • IsConfirmationRequired: users is prompted with a confirmation alert box upon click on the action
  • IsGroupDefault: default group action
  • UserVisibility: states who can see the action, that is Creator, Everyone, EveryoneButCreator, Manager (manager of the creator on the Action Link), CustomUser or CustomExcludedUser (using the UserAlias field to link to a specific user)
  • UserAlias: user alias to set the visibility of the action. Supports binding
  • LinkType:
  • LinkType:

You can query this object:

Select Id, ActionLinkGroupTemplate.DeveloperName, LinkType, ActionUrl, Headers, IsConfirmationRequired, Label, Method, RequestBody From ActionLinkTemplate

And get:

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