Monday, April 4, 2016

[Salesforce] The Sobject Crusade

Design by Davide D'Annibale

In the past months I hit the severe wall of ignorance at least twice (with all my face), so I decided to start a personal crusade to cover all Salesforce Standard Objects, using the SOAP API Developer's Guide and its list of Standard Objects.

To support this research, I start by reading the standard guide of an object and then making all actions to use that object in order to query for its records.

Sometimes an object is simple and well known that is quite useless to explore it (I said quite, because sometimes you find unknown features even with the objects you use daily); on the other hand some objects are cool because to use them you have to make configurations and write code and do stuff you haven't never done, some other times you simply cannot do anything because the object is deprecated (and you are not that old to have a Developer ORG with that feature first API level is 15 BTW).

Moreover Salesforce Platform releases are not done yet, so I expect the number of objects will increse release after release.

As of Spring '16 the number of objects is 546: this means that if I post an Object daily (weekends included), I'll finish the research in the next 2 years....definitely too much!

That's the reason I'll try to post group of objects daily or so (ok, this is not a job, so maybe I shouldn't promise something that I cannot keep, I still have a life...) instead of only one: on the blog sidebar you'll always see a link of the last objects added.

If you want to partecipate in the crusade you are welcome!

The following list will be updated every time an object is added.

[NA] - Un-activable (the feature is an old feature that cannot be activated on recent Dev Orgs)
[SR] - Support Required (the feature needs support activation)
[SRP] - Support Required (Partially) (a part of the feature needs support activation)

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